This information was obtained from an image found by me long ago on the internet. This was created by one of the greatest living Bhargavas I have come across, the Acarya at Manasataramgini. To this Acarya,  I offer my salutations.


Bhrigu came first. Hence our clansmen are called the Bhargavas.

Bhrigu married Paulomi to beget Chyavana.

Chyavana married Sharyati’s daughter Sukanya to beget Dadhichi.

Dadhichi begot Brihaddiva from whom was born Apnavaana.

Vatsa, after whom our Gotra is named, was born from Apnavaana.

Vatsa had a son named Etasha, who married Aurushi to beget the fierce Aurva

Through Aurva was born Richaka who from his spouse Satyavati bore the great Jamadagni. 

Unto these Rshis, I pay my respects, and strive to be worthy of having taken birth in their clan.



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