A revival is underway.

The direction of  winds seem to suggest it. Our Devas are making their presence felt. They are inspiring an awakening amongst the children of their upasakas. And the children are sensing this.

A Hindu who lives in these times has an important task cut out ahead of him. His attitude will determine whether his hoary civilization will continue to survive and flourish or will join the ranks of his Greek, Roman and Persian cousins.

These times ask of a Hindu more than ever, if he is willing to fulfill the three obligations which is due of him for having taken birth in this Punya Bhumi. This post is to remind the Hindu of these obligations, these duties. For he is able to see the light of the day today, because his ancestors paid these debts in the past. And hence,  owes it to them.

Deva Rna

The first and foremost Rna expected of a Hindu is to offer himself to the service of the mighty Devas. They who graced his ancestors when they landed on these lands, they who paved the path for them when, They due to whose might Hindus became a civilization par excellence. And they need to be worshiped. They need to be worshipped through the great rituals such as the ones conducted by the Bhargavas and the Angirasas of the yore.

Yes, the Devas need to be pleased. The twilight Rituals need to be offered. For the Devas will never forsake the ones who remember them during these auspicious times. The Srauta Yajna needs to make a comeback and they will. Because the Devas will it. The Agamas need to be followed. The public utsavas need to be celebrated with all their glory. The presence of  the divine must be made to be felt by your fellow Hindus.

Rshi Rna

The great sages observed the workings of the universe with a keen eye. And thence, after great tapasya,  they obtained the knowledge which ensured the survival of their clans and the clans of their companions. This knowledge in the form of Shastras has been passed down to their successors. The modern Hindu is the inheritor of this knowledge. And he shall study them, he shall internalize them, he shall pass it on. The Shrutis, the smritis, the puranas, the agamas ought to be mastered. For the Rshis who discovered them toiled hard to obtain them. And we owe it to them and have to strive to be worthy of inheriting them.

Pitra Rna

Perhaps the most easiest and the most important in today’s time is the obligation to our ancestors themselves who fought various hardships and came out ahead in the battle of life. It is them we owe our possessions, be it the body obtained in the form of their genes or the knowledge in the form of their memes. We owe it to them that just as they passed on these things, we too may pass it on. That we ensure that these  genes, these memes remain immortal. And this immortality is achieved not by gazing the stars, but by tilling the earth. By planting seeds in fertile ground. Find a worthy ground, and plant the seeds. Nurture the saplings, water them with the nectar of tradition and groom them to become strong trees which can withstand and survive Nature’s fury. Beget offsprings and immortalize the line of your ancestors.

The Hindu who strives towards fulfilling these obligations, towards paying these debts, he and only he is worthy of our respect.  A Hindu who does not fulfill these Rnas, is not worthy of being called a Hindu. He is no different from a thief who steals the fruits of someone else’s hardships. And he should as such.

O Children of Immortality,
Worship the Immortals.
Study the Immortal
and finally ,
Become Immortal.

|| Jai Śrī Rāma ||




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