Context: TV Series “American Gods”, Season 1: There is a war brewing between the old Gods and the New gods. In the following, the Old Gods are represented by Wednesday, his accomplice Shadow Moon,  Easter.  The New Gods represented by the Media, Technical Boy (God of the Internet) and Mr World (God of Globalization). In Episode 8, which is the series finale, they have the following conversation.

Media (to Easter): You’re an old god new again. That’s what we offer. That’s what we represent. You feel you’ve been treated unfairly ?

Easter: I feel misrepresented in the media.

Media: Put a pillow over that feeling and bear down until it stops kicking. St. Nick took the same deal you did. The only reason why you are relevant today is because Easter is a Christian Holiday.

Easter (feeling insulted): Ha

Media: Its religious Darwinism. Adapt and Survive. What we have achieved together, you and I, is no small feat ; Now that we’re living in an atheist world.

Easter (Chuckles): Look  at you! Squawk the squawk.

Media: In your easter bonnet with all the frills upon it, you should be thrilled, overjoyed that anyone believes in anything that doesn’t have a screen anymore. What happens if they all decide that God doesn’t exist?

Wednesday (enters the frame): What if they decide God does exist ?

Media: Whose God ? They’re not all going to choose just one.

Wednesday: Well, it doesn’t matter. Plenty of worship to go around once worship gets redistributed.

Media: We are the distributors. The platform and the delivery mechanism. We control the story. We control the flow.

Technical Boy: We are the flow.

Wednesday: What you offer is existential crisis aversion. ‘Don’t look over there, look over here. Don’t listen to that, listen to this.’ You provide a product, an innovative distraction and you keep innovating it and you keep providing it. The beauty of what we (old gods) do is we only need inspire.

Technical Boy: Hmm.. You don’t have the juice. And don’t act like your fucking rent boy here (referring to Shadow Moon) is your disciple.  Here’s the thing: you’re old as fuck. Things are never going back to the way that they were. The times, they are a changing.  You. Can’t. Fight. Progress.

Wednesday: Then why are you here ? Why do I matter ?

Media (Pointing towards Easter): We’re here for her. We’re here for my friend. And you (Wednesday) don’t matter. Not really. Not anymore.  You could have, but…

Wednesday: People create Gods when they wonder why things happen. Do you know why things happen? Because Gods make them happen. You want to know how to make good things happen ? Be good to your God. You give a little.. You get a little. The simplicity of that bargain has always been appealing.  That’s why you are here. And that’s precisely why I matter!

Mr World: You only matter in matters of war. And there’s not going to be a war. We have the guns. We have the firepower. You have the swords and knives and hammers and stone axes. We fight, we win. We don’t fight, we win.

Technical Boy (to Wednesday): You die out either way.

Mr World. You (to Wednesday) are the passenger pigeons and thylacines. Nobody cares about you. It’s either going to be a bloodbath or we’ll wait you out and get the whole thing without a fuss. My message to you: Don’t fight.

What follows this is the following absolutely mind blowing scene where Mr. Wednesday reveals who he is




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