We are the Aryaputras.

The sons of the glorious Arya tribe.
Who roamed victorious the breadth of the earth
Owing to their sheer vigour and valour
On the wheels of their chariots
Drawn by the swift steeds
Which flew with the wind.

We are the Aryaputras.

We are the Greeks,  We are the Romans,
We are the Norsemen, We are the Persians,
We are the Hindus, We are the Slavs
We are the Balts, We are the Hittites

We are the Aryaputras.

We are the worshipers of the Mighty Thunder Gods
for it was Zeus, Thor, Indra who protected us,
who fought for us, who fought with us
against the Barbarian hordes.

We are the Aryaputras.

We are the the sons of the the Spear wielding Gods
whose love for knowledge knows no bounds,
whose healing powers are unmatched,
for it was Odin, Rudra and Apollo who blessed us with vigour.

We are the Aryaputras.

We are the makers of civilizations,
the creators of cultures,
the narrators of the stories,
inventors of technology.
Art flowed through us.
Our tongues sang the songs beckoning the Lady Dawn.
We played in the laps of Ushas and Ostara.

We are the Aryaputras.

All that inspires greatness was our creation.
We spread the world remaining as diverse as diversity of the universe.
We taught the world what life is,
for we were the children of the Immortals.

We are the Aryaputras.

We are the true heirs of  Indo European civilization,
Not the sons of the desert who are but false appropriators.
So, rise brothers, invoke your mighty Gods
For it is them, the sons of the desert fear the most.
Show them what the Flash of the lighting looks like
The heat of the Fire feels like
The Roar of the Wind sounds like,

We are the Aryaputras.

Invoke the mighty thunderer Indra
Invoke the Alfather Odin
Invoke the fair minded Athena,
Invoke the lustrous Dazbog
Invoke bountiful Ostara
For they haven’t failed our forefathers
And they won’t fail us, their sons.

For we are the Aryaputras.


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